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Eric Samuel Timm

Orator, Author, Artist and Visionary

Eric Samuel Timm is a Minnesota-based hope communicator. As a live artist painter, college and university motivational speaker, and gifted author, Eric is a world class communicator that brings his keynote messages to life with fantastic paintings that drive home the purpose and points of each event.

Defined by his ability to masterfully and creatively combine his messages with live art performances and profound illustrations, Eric helps audiences see what their ears cannot hear and has become one of America’s most sought after speakers, both in the corporate world and for faith-based events.

Over 19 years, Eric has brought hope to more than 3 million people live, in 36 different countries. Speaking and painting in a wide range of venues including arenas, music festivals, concert tours, churches, corporate events, camps, conferences, and public schools. Eric will help you move your community to take action and be inspired.

Eric Samuel Timm started out at Best Buy making eight bucks an hour only to end his career at GM. This happened with an amazing staff, love, forgiveness and the help and empowerment of others to create a culture that was contagious. From intimate business gatherings to entire company meetings Eric’s presentations can help drive your team to the next level. His uncanny methods are almost instantly contagious, work hand in had with your theme and need.

Colleges, University students, and professors love the collision of art and Eric’s complex yet simple teaching style. There is “NO BOX” makes this statement a reality for lives navigating the pursuit of what life will look like for them after experiencing a student session or chapel with Eric. Faith-based or value-based messages challenge students to be better. No time for hype, Eric brings the heat. Perfect for required events like chapel or special on campus events.


“Amazing talent, great communicator a team player, and a great heart on and off stage.”
Doug Fields

Director of Youth Specialties

“Eric Samuel Timm has used his artistic and communication gifts to transform the lives of millions of adults and students. I have often wondered how one person could be so talented.”
Ken Davis

Best Selling Author, Master Storyteller

“You will get a communication experience that’s powerful and life changing.“

Mark Vermilion

CEO, Ichthus

“His humility and flexibility is unprecedented. We highly recommend Eric.”

Michael Stewart

Liberty University

“Eric Samuel Timm…was excellent and was able to address every student from kindergarten to grade 12 throughout the day. He also spoke directly with our staff. The unique aspect of Eric’s presentations are his live paintings which help to enrich and enhance his message.”

Chad Matthews

Philomath School District

“Soldiers are requesting that we bring him back.”

Colonel Fredrickson


“There was dead silence and roars of laughter. The students wanted to listen.“

Art Rocco

Retired Educator

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