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Clint Thomas

Speaker, Communicator and Author 

Acclaimed speaker, communicator, and author, Clint Thomas is committed to positively impacting teens. With over twenty years of experience working with America’s young people, Clint has been featured on NBC news, online, and in print through newspapers, journals and books. He is an expert in juvenile challenges, media consumption, and violence/bullying awareness.

Clint has spoken to thousands throughout the U.S. and abroad over the past 15 years at school assemblies and conferences with his All In Generation program. His message is of respect and responsibility which sets into motion clear directives that demonstrate how to steer clear of destructive decisions. He speaks to the core values that build honorable citizenship, self-control, and self-confidence.

Clint understands the language of modern youth culture and is able to relate well with students. He presents an effective multimedia presentation that clearly challenges teens to cultivate the character they so desperately need to thrive in this rapidly advancing world.

Clint Thomas lives in Nashville, TN, and when not speaking, he enjoys time with his family, writing, and planning his next snowboarding adventure.


“Clint Thomas is by far one of the most dynamic and relevant speakers I have ever heard. The impact he makes on young people lasts long after his message is given. Your school won’t be the same after hearing Clint share the ALL IN GENERATION message!”

Andlee Naeter


“It was a pleasure inviting Clint into the school to engage students in meaningful discussions around “Hot Topics.” His All In Generation was not only captivating but also motivating. His connection and understanding of students was unparalleled by other presenters. I would recommend this program to any educational colleague or any organization that deals with America’s youth.”

Neil Glass

Assistant School Superintendent

“I have seen Clint Thomas make presentations in school assemblies. I do not know of a more excellent presentation to put before our youth and their parents. Clint presents topics which are vital to address, and does it with dynamic, “grab your attention and hold it” up to the minute examples from our culture. He manages a large group of students very well, interacting with them in such a way that even those who are obstinate are engaged. I cannot imagine any administrator or parent who has seen Clint’s presentation being disappointed.”

David Hudson

Disciplinary Officer

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