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Bill Cakmis

Speaker, Actor, Coach 

If it’s on stage, at a podium, or in front of a camera, Bill Cakmis is hired to create it, develop it, enhance it, or fix it. For over 30 years, Bill has coached singers, actors, anchors, talk show hosts, politicians, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, and athletes. His clients include Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Emmy winners. Bill has partnered with major film studios, production companies, TV stations and National Cable stations (CNN, FOX, The Weather Channel) to create productions that are unique, creative, and powerful. Bill’s full resume is extensive, including acting, writing, directing, and motivational speaking.

Motivational Speaker

Bill travels the country giving motivational speeches and keynote addresses for corporate events, sales conferences, business luncheons, city councils, chambers of commerce, colleges, and churches. Some of Bill’s speaking engagements have included Edward Jones, SealMaster, ThorWorks Industries, Johnson & Johnson, The National Songwriter’s Assoc., The Nashville Film Festival, Verizon, The Cleveland Clinic, and The National Leadership Training Center.

He is the speaker to speakers and a leader for leaders. Bill has coached public speakers, CEOs, and corporate front-men in high-profile professions ranging from medicine and law to athletics and politics. His clients include Debbi Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies), Jim Lentz (president of Toyota Motor Sales, USA), Gigi Butler (Gigi’s Cupcakes), Harry Browne (US presidential candidate), Debbie Carroll (Executive Director, MusiCares, The Recording Academy), LuAnn Tarter (President/CEO Tarter Farm & Ranch), Dr. Eric Liu (The Healing Foundation), Jed Hilly (The American Music Association), Brooke Hogan, Dr. Karen Phillip (The Today Show Australia), Susan Weddington (Texas Republican Party Chairman), Dan Winters (Disney Interactive), Vicki Milazzo (The Milazzo Institute), as well as seminars and workshops for groups such as Armor Correctional Health Services, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Johnson & Johnson, The Cleveland Clinic, Verizon, Toyota, GTE, and The Lubbock City Council.

He’s also highly sought after to speak to those in music and media. Past clients include Phil Stacey (American Idol), Tim Nichols (Grammy Winner), Neil O’Donnell (NFL Quarterback), Lance Bass (N’SYNC), Linda Davis (Grammy Winner), Scott MacIntyre (American Idol, Marshall Scholar, Fulbright Scholar), Jacob Lyda (country music artist), Craig Campbell (country music artist), Diana Vasylego (Music Show Host: Ukraine), Paul Hijazin (Anchor, Jordanian News Network), Christy Carlson (World Jet Ski Champion, Baywatch), Priscilla G (Video DJ: India), Savannah Jack (country music group), Farewell Angelina (country music band), Preston James (country music artist), Mama’s Blue Dress (country music band) and Sidney Mohede (Music Cubed: Indonesia). His client music companies have included Provident (Sony), Blue Guitar Music, The Davis Music Group and Bigger Picture Group.

Bill has been featured as a Performance Coach on such shows as Entertainment Tonight, the KVBC Evening News, the WJXT Morning Show, and Meet the Wilsons. He’s advised Jim Cantore (The Weather Channel), Mark McEwen (CBS Morning News), Lara Spenser (Good Morning America, The Insider), Gregg Jarrett (FOX News Channel, COURT TV), Andrea Thompson (CNN), Bree Walker (KCBS), THE WEATHER CHANNEL, CNN, GMA, TNN, WCBS (New York), WFLD (Chicago), KCOP (Los Angeles), WBZ (Boston), KTVT (Dallas/Ft.Worth), WDIV (Detroit), KNXV (Phoenix), WCCO (Minneapolis), WKMG (Orlando), WPLG (Miami), WSFA (Montgomery), WTVF (Nashville), KPRC (Houston), and KVBC (Las Vegas), Post-Newsweek, ABC/Walt Disney, Allbritton Communications, Bahakel Communications, Belo Corp, CBS Television, E.W. Scripps Company, FOX/News Corp., Gannett Broadcasting, Gray Television, Media General, Raycom Media, 20th Century Fox, and NBC/Universal.

He has coached others in the acting world at The Beverly Hills Playhouse, The Actor’s Studio in Hollywood, The Globe Theatre in Los Angeles, and The Wooden O Theatre in Santa Monica, California. Past students include Michael W. Smith (Grammy Award winner, Contemporary Christian Artist), Lisa Rinna (Emmy nominated, Dancing with the Stars, The Celebrity Apprentice, Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place), Melinda Clarke (Nikita, The O.C., CSI), Dave Semel (Emmy nominated Director: House, Heroes), Bob Goen (Entertainment Tonight), Scott Reeves (Emmy Nominated, The Young and the Restless), and Crystal Bernard (Wings). 

Speech & Presentation Coach…

As a mentor for college students, Bill has taught, lectured and given seminars at such venues as the entertainment magnet high school Pearl-Cohn, The National Leadership Training Centers, Jacksonville University, Wake Forest University, Denver University, the University of Tennessee, Belmont University, Tennessee State University, Lipscomb University, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Show Doctor and Host Whisperer

Bill has worked with show hosts, television productions, and theatrical productions in the creative process of developing, enhancing, fixing, and/or tweaking performance and/or product. A few of Bill’s clients as a ‘Show Doctor’ and ‘Host Whisperer’ include: Universal Studios, Buena Vista Productions, The Nashville Network, All Girl Productions, Dick Clark Productions, the Christian Broadcast Network, the Colorado Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Radio-Television Luxembourg. Hosts Bill has worked with include Stephanie Miller (The Stephanie Miller Show), Bob Goen (Entertainment Tonight), David Ruprecht (SuperMarket Sweeps), Gary Chapman (Prime Time Country), Mitch Mullany (All American Girl).

Shows Bill has helped to create or develop include Abrams & Bettes: Beyond the Forecast (The Weather Channel), Weekend View (The Weather Channel), Prime Time Country (The Nashville Network), Fox News Rising (WCCB), Wake Up with the Wagners (KVBC), and The List (Scripps).

Bill’s books include It’s Not What You Say… Mastering the Art of Powerful Communication, and The Secret of the Elves Elite. Scripts include The Show Doctor (optioned TV pilot), Suddenly Dangerous (screenplay), Her Kingdom Come (screenplay), Fatal Dreams (screenplay), Sullivan Street (TV pilot), Transamerica (industrial film), Circle of Will (play), and Circle of Will: The Musical. Bill was a staff writer for the CBS Comedy Bloopers Special as well as the interactive, multi-media educational program, Columbus: Discovery and Beyond.

Bill’s accolades include a National Telly Award for writing, a National Telly Award for hosting, L.A. Weekly’s “Pick of the Week” (playwright), L.A. Times “Pick of the Week” (playwright), and the L.A. Weekly Theatre Award for “Best Comedy Writing” (playwright).


As a professional actor, Bill has been in eight films including Hanoi Hilton, six episodics including L.A. Law, featured roles on various daytime serials as well as a daytime role on Days of Our Lives, three commercials, and major roles in twenty professional stage productions. He is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).


“Bill’s a great teacher! He’s goal oriented, supportive, and
a lot of fun.” Lisa Rinna

Actress, Four Daytime Emmy nominations, Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place, Dancing with the Stars & Celebrity Apprentice

“Bill Cakmis has fine tuned the art of effective communication and shares key techniques for getting your message heard, felt and absorbed the way you intended it to be.” Jim Cantore

The Weather Channel

“When Corello was going through a change of direction and a turbulent time, Bill was the one who moved the clouds away and caused the sun to shine right into our hands. Corello would not of made it through the clouds if it were not for Bill Cakmis.” Corello

Rock Fashion Label Company

“Why have some television personalities, newscasters and actors commanded our attention and respect for decades, while others never seem to connect with an audience? Cakmis’ reflections are both wise and entertaining.” John Mayo

Dean, College of Communications, Florida State University

“Bill’s eye for detail and nuance along with his ability to effectively communicate his expertise are what make him the best in the business.” Kendall Teney

President, 10eMedia, Las Vegas

“Bill helps you make your perspective reactive. He helps you hone in on what you wanna say and the best way to say it!” Kara DioGuardi

Singer-songwriter, record producer, music publisher, A&R executive, composer, American Idol judge, & TV personality

“Bill Cakmis has a unique aptitude for connecting with people, which makes him stand out significantly as a speaker. His presentations are extraordinary, leaving his audience engaged, entertained, motivated, and informed. Recently Bill was invited to present to a group of music industry leaders on the topic of goal setting – a topic that most in the audience had heard many times. After an hour, the audience was left eager to learn more. Bill has something to offer a variety of audiences – young, old, successful or simply just starting out. We can all learn
something from Bill Cakmis.” Debbie Carroll

LCSW, Executive Director, MusiCares, The Recording Academy / Grammy Awards

“Bill Cakmis approaches actors, artists, speakers, business professionals and on-air talent with focus, humor and grace. His methods are customized to each client and immediately visible. If presentation —in any medium— is central to your profession, you owe it to yourself to find your edge with Bill Cakmis. He is simply the best.” Jacquelyn Marushka,

GM, Shore Fire Media, Nashville

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